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Retribution by KenHound
My entry for Ryu-BlackSaeki's contest :) This is their character Ryu in some action-y situation :D

From what I've read about the character, Ryu seems pretty jaded, but doesn't kill, nor is he very bloodthirsty, which made me wonder how he can get away with doing his job properly (he's a mercenary) :XD: I imagine that his job, coupled with the setting of the story he's in (which is pretty hectic) would call for some tough choices and possibly result in regretful actions. So how exactly does Ryu have such a clean record? well...that we know of lol Perhaps he hasn't been involved in an extremely tight situation yet, or he's just so good that he don't have to kill SHIT :iconbeatdownplz: So in this here picture, I like to think Ryu tried to be nice on a target, or several, and let them off with a warning and a couple of smacks. But then said targets took advantage of his kindness and kicked the crap out of him, and now he's getting some well deserved revenge. Although Ryu doesn't seem to be vengeful in a bloody way, he's sarcastic towards his enemies, and at this point he probably downright hates them :XD: So he might be firing off a stream of bullets and missing just to scare them, or shooting to wound instead of kill.

I have very little experience drawing humans, and next to none drawing weaponry, so there are of course many errors in this :lol: And that M4...can go to hell. Handguns are cool and all, but Ryu needs a big ol' manly man gun *is shot* But I had a lot of fun in creating this, and I especially like these more modern-action type characters.
I think the lines are the only good thing about this, so I shall proudly display their awkwardness here:…

EDIT: I just realized Ryu is firing, but there aren't any flying shells. OH WELL :iconliedplz:
Art (c) KenHound 2014
Character (c) ryu-blacksaeki
Please do not retrace, recolor, or steal in general. Thank you.
When The Smoke Clears by KenHound
When The Smoke Clears
Art (c) KenHound 2014
Please do not retrace, recolor, or steal in general. Thank you.
Stargazing by KenHound
For link :) I chose a nature (I guess lol) theme, maybe a smidgen of urban? :XD:

Art (c) KenHound 2014
Character (c) KenHound
Please do not retrace, recolor, or steal in general. Thank you.


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